Zebra 14cm Stainless Steel Camping Cook Pot - Lunch Box - Billy Can



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The Billy Can is the typical campfire cooking pot for many centuries. Zebra advanced this design to the form of a three - part Pan with 14cm in diameter and 8cm in height , which is perfectly suitable for cooking on a campfire.

The fascination of this cooker comes from its simplicity and robustness, but also the thoughtful, unfussy style. The pan, the insert and the lid are made of stainless steel and have a perfect fit. The lid has a folding handle which is riveted.

The lid closes snug with the contained insert, which can serve as a pan, plate or bowl and without. The handle, which allows you to put the pot on the fire in total controls, also serves as closing hinge for the set.

The robust dishes can be used without problems on fire, grill and stove, but we recommend, when using a wood fire, never to work without food to be cooked.

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