Wild Camping Cook Set - Solid Fuel Stove - Cook Pot - Frying Pan - Mug - Spork - Plate

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This is a quality one man cook set pieced together from quality brands. Perfect for wild camping the kit consists of a stainless steel Esbit solid fuel burning pocket stove lightweight and robust this stove is of excellent quality and can also be used with a alcohol/Meths Burner. We've included a stainless steel kelly kettle cook pot set, which includes a pot support, a frying pan and a cook pot capable of boiling half a litre of water at a time. Also in the kit is a stainless steel Zebra Head mug and plate, manufacturers of the very popular loop handle billy cans, Zebras products are very well made from excellent steel and will last a lifetime if looked after and kept clean. To finish the kit off is a top quality stainless steel Strikefire spork.

This is a great kit pieced together to suit wild campers or bushcrafters, whether your just starting out or an experienced outdoorsman this cook set will be a great addition to anyone's kit.

ONLY £47.79 - SAVE £8 - RRP £55.79 

Weight: Stove 93g - Cook Set 320g - Mug 180g - Spork 23g - Plate 220g


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