Ultimate Survival Kit - Perfect For Bushcraft And Wild Camping - Fire Starting - Cooking - Navigation - Knife - Paracord - First Aid

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The Ultimate Survival Kit consists of 14 very important items that will be used when camping or practicing bushcraft.

The Mora Companion 840 Knife is very adaptable and very sharp knife with a patterned high-friction grip handle. Widely used by survival and bushcraft schools. A knife in a survival situation is a blessing, it has endless uses that could help with a number of situations, fire starting, shelter building, cooking to name a few. 

There are a number of items included in the kit which can be used for cooking and boiling water. Waterproof matches are supplied as back up to the ferro rod, the tinder paper will easily ignite with sparks from the ferro rod. The hexi stove comes with solid fuel tablets which you would light with the tinder paper or directly from a match. There is a mess set provided for cooking food which consists of 2 pans, these can also used for eating out of. An alloy mug can be used on the hexi stove to boil water and drink from and can also be placed directly onto an open fire to save using your solid fuel tabs on the hexi stove. A four piece cutlery set which implements a knife, spoon and fork for eating and cooking with and also a tin can opener.

15m of paracord and locking carabiners are handy to have on you at all times, there are many many uses for these items and could really help with a sticky situation and provide back up to other items in your kit that could break at any time.

We've added a compass and headlamp to the kit as navigation is key when roaming in unfimiliar ground, should you get caught out on a mountain or in a forest and it goes dark, you'd be glad to have these in your kit, they are essential pieces of equipment that everyone should have on them when outdoors, whether your hiking, camping or practicing. 

First Aid! This is a must! If you are out in the wilderness using sharp objects like knives and tools it's essential that you carry a first aid kit with you at all times! A small cut could easily get infected if you don't dress it and that's not going to end well! 

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