True Utility TurboJet Firewire - Electric Gas Windproof Lighter

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Refillable Windproof Lighter

Powerful Windproof Flame A stylish lighter with windproof TurboJet® flame technology. With a one handed opening mechanism, and height adjustable flame. Refillable with lighter gas.

True Utility TurboJet® FireWire® is the perfect lighter for outdoor use. Have you ever been stuck with a lighter that will not light in harsh, windy conditions? With this windproof lighter, never have this issue again.

The TurboJet® FireWire® has a multitude of functions which are ideal for the outdoors. A one handed flip lid makes the lighter easy to use with just one hand.

Whilst being able to reach 1300°C, the flame itself can be adjusted using the flame adjuster feature.

The alloy body has an easy to use refillable feature for repeated use, running off standard lighter gas.