True Utility Firewire Classic - Electric Gas Windproof Lighter



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Firewire Classic Gas Lighter

flamed lighter A stylish lighter with windproof TurboJet® Flame technology. Featuring a flip piston-hinged lid, and a hand operated flame adjuster, the flame Works upside down. Refillable with lighter gas.

Minimalist design with a useful windproof flame; FireWire® Classic is the perfect lighter for starting a fire.

Using TurboJet® Flame technology similar to the TurboJet Firewire this lighter is perfect for the harsh outdoors. The powerful windproof flame can also run whilst upside down, meaning you can use it at awkward angles, which standard lighters cannot achieve., without burning your fingertips.

Crafted from a protective alloy metal body, this compact lighter measures 58mm in length and 36mm in width, making it strong and an ideal size to fit in a pocket. A one handed flame adjuster allows you to use the lighter at different strengths.

Delivered in a weatherproof and durable gift box to put your valuables in, making it ideal as a gift.

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