Napsack Trekker Hammock - Medium



VAT included


Single Layer Fully Adjustable Medium NapSack Hammock

Hammock Features

  • Adjustable ridgeline
  • Built to accomodate side, back and front sleepers
  • Fully adjustable hammock - set tension of hammock from inside
  • Can be slept left to right or right to left, at both head and foot end
  • Quick release suspension system

Size: 320cm x 170cm 

Weight Capacity: 250lbs with loss of comfort 

Skin: Single, made from 1.9 70D ripstop nylon

Hammock Weight: 450g


Suspension Package

  • High Strength Non Stretch Nylon Tree Straps (2 x 3m x 2.5cm)
  • Dyneema
  • 4 x Oval Rings

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