Robens Cookery King - Spirit Burner Stove - Lightweight Cook Set

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Meths / Alcohol Burning Stove And Cook Set

The Cookery King storm cooker has a revolutionary design. Lightweight and tough, it is made from hard anodised aluminium and comes with a non-stick pan, two pots and a lid. The wide footprint ensures stability while the wrap-around side provide wind-resistance and the efficient burn of a choice of fuels. An alcohol burner is included or it can accept the Robens Fire Beetle stove. The Cookery King can also integrate other gas and liquid fuel stoves.

A universal cook set

Compact pack size

Pan with non-stick surface for easy frying

Accommodates most kinds of burners (alcohol, gas and multi-fuel)

Adjustable grill height accomodates most burners

High-quality hard-anodised alloy

Strap and mesh bag included

Packsize: 21.5 x 11.0 cm (Dia.xH)Weight: 980 g

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