Optimus Crux Lite - Cook Set

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Optimus Crux Lite Solo Cook Set - Lightweight Gas Stove

Ultralight, small and easy on the wallet too? No thinking necessary with this versatile package that includes the feather-light, precision-simmering Crux Lite stove and the Terra Solo Cook Set made for fast-and-light adventures. You can escape the urban jungle with a super light rucksack and still sup like a prince with this 272g system. The tidy little bundle holds a pot with pour spot and a tough-as-nails fry pan (that doubles as a pot lid). Keep it neat in the mesh carry bag. Inside that, magically find room to also stash our folding spork and a 100g gas cartridge too. Choose your tools: the stove, the cook set, or take it all when you escape the daily grind.

Gas: Butane/propane
ø Burning time: Up to 90 minutes at full output
(220 g gas cartridge)
ø Cooking time: For 1 l water approx. 3 minutes
Output: Watt: 3000
BTU: 10‘200
Weight: 272 g
Volume: 0.6 L
Dimensions: 107 x 136 mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Material: Burner: stainless steel, aluminum
Pots: hardanodized aluminum
Content: Crux Lite gas stove, 0.6 L saucepan with
pouring lip and measuring marks, fry pan (lid),
mesh storage bag and nylon bag for Crux Lite

• Compact and ultra-light 3-piece cooking system consisting of an Optimus Crux Lite gas stove and the Terra Solo
• Powerful and stable 3000 W burner for efficient cooking
• Large burner head for optimal heat distribution
• Precise flame control – simmering without burning
• Terra Solo cooking set of hard-anodized aluminum
• Offers perfect space for a 100 g gas cartridge and a folding spork

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