Nitecore NU10 CRI Headlamp - 115 Lumens

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The Nitecore NU10 CRI headlamp has a maximum output of 115 lumens from the high CRI LED and is powered by a rechargeable, Li-ion battery that is built into the body of the light. The lamp is rechargeable via a micro USB cable, which comes with the head torch.

The NU10 CRI version caters for users that require high colour rendering ability, allowing for a warm, soft hotspot that resembles sunlight. This provides an accurate representation of colour and reduces eye strain. 

The head torch offers three outputs of white light ranging from 1 to 115 lumens. In addition, the NU10 CRI offers red illumination which effectively protects night vision. The main body of the light has a 60º tiltable angle, allowing you to create the right beam for all situations.

Available in black with a black headband.

Brightness Levels:
High: 115 lumens - 7 hrs runtime
Mid: 22 lumens - 8 hrs 45 mins runtime
Ultralow: 1 lumen - 150 hrs runtime

Plus Red outout (13 lumens - 5 hrs 15 mins runtime), Location Beacon and SOS mode.

Maximum beam distance 30 meters, water resistant to IP66 and resistant to impacts up to 1.5 meters.

Includes: Micro USB charging cable, built-in battery.

  • Maximum Beam Intensity: 220 cd
  • Length: 60.5 mm / 2.38"
  • Weight: 65 g / 2.29 oz.
  • 170º illumination angle
  • Built-in battery rated at 3.33 Wh lasting at leadt 500 recharge cycles
  • Advanced Micro USB power regulation retains all functions while charging
  • Dual switch design to prevent accidental activation
  • Housing made from durable polycarbonate materials

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