Mora Craftline - Safe Knife - Scout - Cadet

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One of the newest breed of Mora knives, the Mora Basic 'Safe' knife has been designed for the young bushcrafter firmly in mind. The 8.2cm blade is constructed from high-carbon steel and offers blunt nose, meaning the chances of any accidental puncture injuries are next to non-existent.

Ideal for Scouts and cadets, safe for children. The handle of the Mora Safe Knife is chunky and textured to insure a good tight grip which lessens and risks more so than plain handles. The carbon steel blade has a 2mm thick spine and the overall length of the knife is 19.8 centimetres. These knives are ideal for outdoor education and bushcraft lessons.

Along with this stub-nosed safety bushcraft knife comes the new and improved version of the Morakniv sheath, with new toggle at the front for double carry and an overall more robust design.