Kelly Kettle Scout Cooking Kit - Hobo - Cook Set

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Kelly Kettle Scout Cooking Kit

The Scout is Kelly Kettle's medium sized model, boiling water rapidly for upto 4 people. We have included the hobo attachment and the large cook set into the kit. 

This new scout model includes the new green whistle which replaces the orange bung. 

The Steel fire base has been upgraded

The Kettle's are now riveted and not welded


Included in the kit:

Aluminium Scout Kelly Kettle 1.2ltr

Large Cook Set

Hobo Stove

New Green Whistle

Stuff Sack


Kettle Weight 0.7kg - Height 27cm - Diameter 18.5cm - Capacity 1.2ltr

Hobo Weight 0.16kg - Height 67mm - Diameter 152mm

Cook Set Weight 0.32kg -  Diameter 133mm 

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