Katadyn Micropur MC 100 Tablets - Water Purification



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Katadyn Micropur MC 100 Tablets 

Fast and effective water disinfection for clear water. Essential item for any traveller to avoid contaminated water (e.g. brushing teeth, drinking water). Preserves water for up to 6 months by using silver ions. Use in combination with a filter in turbid water. Application: Camping, travelling and hiking.

Active MC 1T: Silver 2.5 mg/g
substances: MC 10T: Silver 4.0 mg/g
All ingredients used are permissible for use in
drinking water
Effect: Conserves clear drinking water for up to 6 months.
Deactivates bacteria* after 2 hours of contact
Dosage: See reverse
Materials: Can be used in plastic or glass. Check metals
before use
Safety: See reverse
Storage: Store in the original packaging in a dry place
under 25°C
Shelf-life: 10 years from date of manufacture

* see testresults on backside

• Micropur prevents the growth of germs and the development of smells in drinking water containers and pipes.
• The effect of Micropur is based on the bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties of silver. Unlike chlorine, which is
only effective for a few hours in water, silver ions will preserve water for up to 6 months. The silver ions cling to the
cell walls of micro-organisms thus hindering their growth.
• Micropur can be used wherever drinking water remains in a system for a long time (air conditioners, heating systems,
humidifiers, wells, water tanks, water baths, incubators etc.).
• For clear, not for cloudy water as suspended matter can weaken the effect of silver ions. Use a Katadyn Microfilter for
cloudy water.

• 0.1 mg silver ions > preserves water for up to 6 months
• Contains no chlorine > neutral in taste and smell
• Small and handy packaging > find space for it anywhere
• Shelf Life 10 years from date of manufacture > low loss rate and extremely suitable
for storing large quantites
• Different product forms (tablets, powder, liquid) > wide range of use for various

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