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Katadyn Combi

The name says it all: You get a versatile combination filter that moves effortlessly from backcountry to motorhome, global travels to hikes, emergency use to temporary home use. No matter where, the replaceable activated carbon means chemical-free filtering. You end up with tasty, odour-free, thirst-quenching water. Our cleanable silver-impregnated ceramic provides water treatment you can believe in. When flexible multi-function tops your list, the Combi Plus Faucet Kit should be in your bag too: This kit (sold separately) adapts the filter for homes, boats or cabins.

Technology: Pump filter, ceramic depth filtration
(0.2 microns = 0.0002mm pores)
Effect: Eliminates bacteria, protozoa, cysts, algae,
spores, sediments and viruses in combination
with particles greater than 0.2 microns. Also
reduces chemicals.
Output: Approx. 1 l/min
Capacity: Ceramic up to 50’000 l depending on the
water quality
Activated carbon up to 400 litres (2 fillings)
Weight: 580 g
Dimensions: 27 x 6 cm
Guarantee: 2 years
Material: Resistant plastics, stainless steel, silicone, ceramic
Accessories: Prefilter, bottle adaptor, carry bag
Article No.: 8017685 Combi
8016099 Combi Plus
Series: Endurance

• All-around filter for water qualities around the world.
• The tried and tested ceramic depth filter removes bacteria, protozoa and other disease-causing agents. The principle:
the micro-organisms cannot pass through the mini pores of the filter ceramic (0,2 microns) because of their size
(greater than 0,2 microns = 0,0002 mm).
• Test result from Stiftung Warentest (01/2001): “Recommended“ (best water filter in the test).
• Unlike disposable filters, the ceramic can be cleaned many times - even in the field.
• Optional „Plus“ add-on kit for home, caravan or boat use.

• 2-stage filter (active carbon, ceramic) > not only removes disease-causing agents,
but also chemicals and improves the taste of the drinking water
• Simple change to 1-stage operation (only ceramic without activated carbon stage)
> reduces use of active carbon granules and ensures maximum use of capacity
• Robust design > long lasting and extremely reliable
• Tap add-on kit “Plus“ > simple connection to a tap in a kitchen, caravan,
camper or boat - the only water filter for both indoor and outdoor use!
• Cleanable ceramic filter element > also filters very cloudy water
• Measuring gauge supplied > indicates when the filter element should be changed

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