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Bundeswehr Waterproof Canvas Poncho

The tent is made up of 2 canvas ponchos which button together along the ridge, 2 poles are used at either end of the ridge to give support to the 'A Frame' while 2 guy lines are used to take the tension and make it taught. This style of tent is referred to as a 'Pup Tent'. The ponchos themselves are reversible one side is the classic German flecktarn camouflage while the other is a plain olive green.

The tent as you can imagine being designed and manufactured in Germany is real quality, the canvas beads water really well doesn't weight to much and is virtually bomb proof when compared to a lightweight modern day nylon tent

  • Reversible German flecktarn camouflage or olive green.
  • All pegs and poles included.
  • Durable canvas.
  • Two Person.
  • Weight (approx): 3.6kg

These German pup tents are built to last, a you would expect from genuine military surplus. 

Condition: Used Grade 1

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