Exped SynMat Deluxe 7 - Self Inflating

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Exped SynMat Deluxe 7 

The luxurious trekking mat, when it comes to comfort look no further. The removable outer shell made of soft and breathable fabric is washable and can be attached to an Exped Quilt to create a cozy outdoor nest. The innovative core-mantle technology allows the durable inner mat to be used without outer shell on fast and lite trips. And the included Schnozzel Pumpbag for swift inflation doubles as a ultralight compression stuffsack.

Size Dimensions Weight Packed R-Value Temperature
M 183 x 52 x 7cm 635g 27 x 14cm 4.9 -17°
LW 197 x 65 x 7cm 805g 33 x 15cm 4.9 -17°