Esbit 985ml Cookset Anodised Aluminium (Spirit/Solid Fuel)



VAT included


Cookset and burner made of extremely light, hard anodised aluminium.

Set includes 985 ml pot, 470 ml pot, stand and brass alcohol burner. Can also be used with solid fuel and a base for solid fuel is included.

Stand, spirit burner and base all pack into the large pot, with the small pot as the lid. Pots are made of anodised aluminium with two stainless steel hinged grips. Large pot has volume indicators in litres and ounces on the inside. Set comes in a handy mesh bag.

Alcohol burner is made of brass, with a screw top with rubber seal, flame regulator and fold-away handle on the flame regulator for extinguishing the flame.

Latest version with updated venting holes, stamp graduations and lid.

Approximate dimensions: 15 x 13 x 11 cm

Weight: 417 g 

Fuel not included. 

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