Esbit 585ml Anodised Aluminium Cookset (Solid Fuel)

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The Esbit 585ml Cookset is great when weight and packsize are most important. The 585ml cookset weighs in at only 200g, and the 585ml cookset all packs down into itself so it takes up no space in your rucksack.

The Esbit 585ml cookset is constructed from hard anodized aluminum, the pot has a pouring lip and is graduated in ml and oz. This is ideal for people who want a complete pot/stove combination where hot drinks and ready made meals are been used.

  • Made of extremely light, hard anodized aluminium; Compact cookset with a very small pack size; Ideal for short trips for cooking water (e.g. for beverages or convenience food) and for heating up dishes and beverages; Includes folding handles