Dutch Army Gore-Tex Hooped Bivvy - DPM



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Fully Waterproof Camouflaged Bivvy

The Dutch army hooped bivvy is made from windproof breathable Gore-Tex material and comes in the classic woodland camouflage pattern 'DPM'

The bivvy is hooped with one pole at the head end of the bag to give you some storage room and space to move, it has a mosquito net at the head so you can leave the bivvy open on a dry night and not get pestered from critters.

You can completely seel yourself inside if it's raining hard and you will be fully protected from the elements meaning you stay warm and dry and have a good nights sleep.

These are really good bivvys for backpacking with, they are very reliable and good for summit camping, they don't break or get blown down like small tents and you can practically pitch them anywhere. 

Pitching is very easy, simply roll the bag out flat insert the pole and your set, you can peg the bivvy down in each corner if you wish and alot of people put their sleeping mat inside the bivvy so you don't roll off it during the night. 

Weight - around 1.5kg

Length - approx 7ft

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