DD Whoopie Slings - Hammock Suspension - Amsteel



VAT included


A pair of our ready-made DD Whoopie Slings provide the lightest and most compact suspension for your hammock! Upgrade your hammock webbing to these high-strength slings to make it even easier to alter the height and angle of your hammock hang.
A fantastic modification for anyone looking to reduce the pack weight of their hammock


Size 6ft

Colour Grey

Weight 40g

Includes 2 x 1.8m Whoopie Slings

2 x 1.8m Whoopie Slings in 2.5mm Amsteel rope

Compatible with all DD hammocks – weight limit 125kg

What is Amsteel? • Made from Dyneema SK75 with Samthane Coating - very hard wearing • 8-strand single braid construction • Size for size same strength as wire rope, yet only 1/7 of the weight: outlasts wire rope in tests • Flexible, easy to handle and easily field spliced Avoid direct contact with trees: this can damage the tree. We recommend connecting your slings to trees using our Tree Hugger straps.

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