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A handy lightweight accessory for any hammock camper, the DD Gear Sling is the perfect solution for keeping your equipment off the ground!

Smart storage: Sling your rucksack, food, clothing, cooking equipment and/or walking poles into the sling to keep them away from the damp or unwanted visitors - all within reach from inside your hammock!

Compatible with all DD hammocks.

The DD Gear Sling attaches easily to any hammock's suspension system, using the two included 3m lengths of paracord.

Size 1.2m x 1m

Colour Olive Green

Weight 155g

Includes Gear Sling, 3m Paracord suspension (x2)

Weight limit 25kgs.

1.2m x 1m sling - attach it underneath your hammock for easy access, or anywhere else! Gathered ends, with cords for suspension. Recommended weight limit of 25kgs. with Paracord as suspension, and is for gear (not human) use only.

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