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Genuine British Army Gore-Tex Bivvy 

The British army Gore-Tex bivvy bag is perfect for backpacking and wild camping, it eliminates the weight of a tent and can be used with a sleeping bag for a night under the stars. 

Popular for hikers trekking long distances and wanting to keep their pack as light as possible the Gore-Tex offers great waterproofing and is completely windproof. 

These are great addition to any adventurers pack, lightweight and waterproof they can be used as emergency shelters in the mountains if the weather turns. 

The bivvy bags are over 8 feet long so you can fit yourself and your rucksack in them easily, they are mummy shaped and will fit any sleeping bag you can even have your sleeping mat inside so you don't roll or slide off it during the night.

Trusted and tested by the British army for many years in the most extreme conditions these bivvy bags will not let you down, breathable gore-tex material and a draw string enclosure reduce the condensation inside that many bivvy bags suffer with. You can virtually settle down any where you want in one of these and not have to worry about the weather.

The bivvy bags have been used but only very lightly, we guarantee there are no holes rips or tears in them and that they are ready to be used in testing weather conditions.


Also available in Olive Green - CLICK HERE

Would you prefer a bivvy with a zipped entrance? CLICK HERE


Key Features

  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Lightweight
  • No need to carry a tent
  • Draw string enclosure
  • Available in 2 colours



  • Length 260cm
  • Width at entrance 117cm
  • Width at foot 66cm



  • 700g



  • Grade 1 (light use only)

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