British Army Cold Weather Sleeping Bag



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Genuine British Army Issue 

Want to go camping in winter? Afraid you'll be cold?

You won't in one of these!

The British army cold weather sleeping bag has been the British army's sleep system for years along with the gore-tex bivvy bag. The sleeping bag is tried and tested in extreme environments worldwide. 

It has been designed to be used in cold and damp winter conditions, being a synthetic filled sleeping bag you will not lose insulation if the bag gets damp or wet like a down filled bag would.

The sleeping bag benefits from a central zip for easy entry and are ideal for bivvy camping and also hammock camping.

With a temperature rating of roughly -10 Celsius your virtually guaranteed a warm nights sleep anywhere in the UK in one of these cold weather sleeping bags.

Two internal storage pockets are ideal for keeping battery powered devices in while you sleep, your body heat will keep them warm and stop the cold temperature from draining the batteries while not in use.

Rated as a 4 season sleeping bag you can be assured you will not be cold while winter camping, a velcro strap closes over the zip to trap body heat and a draw string hood pulled tight will keep your head warm and body toasty through the night.

Key Features

  • Heavy duty two way central zip
  • Synthetic Filled
  • Drawstring hood
  • 4 season
  • Excellent quality
  • 2 internal storage pockets

Weight: 2.5kg

Do you need a waterproof compression sack?

Looking for a bivvy bag? We have the British army gore-tex bivvy bags available in Olive Green and DPM



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