British Army 58 Pattern Sleeping Bag Down Filled



VAT included


Genuine British Army Issue 

The pattern 58 sleeping bag is down filled and designed for cold temperatures, it features a full length central zip and a waterproof rubber base layer.

The sleeping bag has toggles down the side and when closed it conveniently rolls from the feet up into the hood which is the actual carry case for the bag which is waterproof and features a carry handle and 2 toggles for closure.

Manufactured from the 1950's and on wards the sleeping bags are real quality and very well designed and made, very are fairly light considering the environments they are designed for and can withstand.

The rubberised base is an excellent feature on the pattern 58 sleeping bag it offers some insulation from the cold ground and is completely waterproof which is ideal if your looking to rough it for the night and don't have a tent.

Rated down to -12 Celsius the pattern 58 is a fairly lightweight compact 4 season seeping bag that will keep you toasty more or less anywhere in the UK all year round. 

Key Features

  • Down filled
  • Waterproof base
  • Full length central zip
  • Packs away inside the hood
  • Large insulated draft tube
  • 4 season
  • Draw string hood

Packed dimensions: 17" x 10" x 8"

Weight: Approx 2.35kg

Condition: Grade 1, the sleeping bag has been used but is in good working order and may have been in storage for a while and will benefit from a good airing out.



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