Poncho / Basha / Tent

Genuine Army Surplus Shelter

We have some rare vintage canvas tents from the 1950's and onward's, the waterproof canvas tents are well designed and soundly made from quality materials and are considered 'bomb proof' by old school camping enthusiasts.

Classic canvas poncho's that join to make are tent are highly popular amongst woodland campers due to their quality heavy duty canvas material, these poncho's are naturally waterproof and spark resistant meaning you can camp close to a fire in a make shift shelter and not worry about getting burn holes like you would with a modern day tarp.

Modern day basha's are designed to be set up quickly in an emergency and give you good coverage to hide from the elements and good space to cook and sleep, made from modern man made fibres like polyester and nylon they are light in weight and pack up much smaller than a retro canvas poncho.