Hiking is physically challenging and can leave you exhausted and dehydrated but Prepare For Adventure can provide you with the essentials needed for your hike.

We supply a wide range of hiking bottles which provide you with easy access to potable drinking water - even in the middle of nowhere. Our hiking bottles are great for everyday lifestyle, camping trips, backpacking and other adventures, so if you’re looking for an almost indestructible bottle, be sure to check out our collection below.

Nalgene is a well-renowned USA brand in the outdoor and sporting goods industry. Here at Prepare For Adventure, we are proud to supply a wide range of Nalgene hiking bottles.

We supply the BPA-free reusable Nalgene water bottles which are carefully created to suit personal preferences, needs and lifestyles. Whether you need a water bottle for your backcountry adventure or you’re simply looking for an efficient solution for carrying water with you, a Nalgene water bottle gets the job done.

Made from Eastman Tritan co-polyester, the Nalgene water bottle provides excellent impact resistance. Our Nalgene bottles are easy to fill with water (and ice) and easy to keep clean. Their lightweight construction also makes it more convenient for you to carry in your backpack.

The Nalgene water bottle is available to purchase in two different sizes: 500ml or 1Ltr, and two different variations: narrow mouth or wide mouth. No matter which bottle you choose they are each designed to be leak-proof, so you needn’t worry about spoiling your maps or spare clothing held inside your bag.

The narrow Nalgene bottle has a smaller opening which prevents water from rushing out and being wasted. If you prefer to have ice cubes or a lemon wedge in your water bottle, the wide mouth bottle is best. The wide mouth Nalgene bottle will ensure you stay hydrated and the design hasn’t changed in decades because it works so well.

At Prepare For Adventure, we hold customers interests at the heart of all we do, and we regularly update our stock to make it easier for you to find the latest hiking gear.

We have conquered the biggest peaks in the UK and stepped foot on some of the largest mountain ranges in Europe, so if you’re not sure which hiking water bottle to choose, feel free to get in touch with us and we will be more than willing to guide and advise you.