Kelly Kettle Scout 1.2ltr - Anodised Aluminium Kettle + Green Whistle

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Medium 'Scout' Kettle in Anodised Aluminium. Boils 1.2 liters (approx. 3.5 mugs) of water - in ALL weather conditions.  

Diameter 18.5cm / 7.3inchs (widest point at rim of base)
Item Weight 0.7 kg / 1.5 lb
Product Capacity 1.2 ltr / 41 (UK) ozs
Kettle Height 27cm / 11inches (Packed)

Ideal for Scouts, Couples, Small Families or Groups, Base Camping, Family Fun, Fishing, etc.  Great Preparedness Item for Power Shortages, Storms & Emergency Kits.

A Green Whistle has replaced the Orange stopper. 

This Kettle boils 1.2ltrs (approximately 3.5 Mugs) of water at a time and is ideal for Car Camping, Scouts, Picnics, Hunters, Caravaning Camping Gear, Wilderness Survival Kit, 4 x 4 off-roaders, Disaster & Emergency Kits, Humanitarian Aid, Kayakers or anyone working in the outdoors.

The Kelly Kettle is a superb piece of camping equipment that even works in storm conditions bringing water to the boil within a matter of minutes using whatever solid fuel is naturally occuring in the area - sticks, grass, pine cones, birch bark etc. No need to carry fuel. No running costs. Users have described these kettles as the 'Greatest invention of all time'. Cost-free, carbon-neutral, eco friendly camping at its very best!

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