Kelly Kettle

A Kelly Kettle is an essential piece of camping equipment for those who enjoy the great outdoors. Available in various styles and sizes, we can help you find the right one for your camping needs.

Favoured by scouts, fishermen and campers, the Kelly Kettle is a carbon-neutral volcano kettle which is simple yet effective.

Key advantages of Kelly Kettle:

  • The Kelly Kettle has a green whistle (formerly an orange stopper) which lets you know when the water has boiled. This is gently inserted into the water spout with the arrow facing downwards.
  • The Kelly Kettle doesn’t require fuel, batteries or gas. It uses natural kindling, such as leaves, dry grass, twigs, bark, pinecones - and even animal dung, meaning you can carry less weight when trekking or camping.
  • The fire starts and attracts oxygen on its own in the firebase and contains the fire safely - preventing open fire.

Kelly Kettle Trekker

Renowned for its lightweight and rapid boiling, the Kelly Kettle Trekker fits neatly into a rucksack or backpack - making it perfect for trekking, backpacking, kayaking, hill walking and more.

The Kelly Kettle trekker can be refilled as much as you need - taking only a matter of minutes to boil.

Kelly Kettle Hobo Stove

The Kelly Kettle hobo stove is an accessory used to cook meals outdoors. It’s suitable for pots and pans of all sizes and can be added to all Kelly Kettles to create a highly-effective wood-fuelled camping stove.

The Kelly Kettle stove takes up no extra space. Depending on which stove you choose, it fits inside the base of the trekker kettle or scout kettle - making it easier for you to store.

Kelly Kettle Scout

When it comes to boiling water for small groups, couples, scouts or families, the Kelly Kettle scout is a must-have. It boils 1.2 litres of water rapidly, using natural fuels only.

Our Kelly Kettle scout ensures you’re always prepared in the event of power shortages, storms and other emergencies.

Kelly Kettle Cooking Set

The high-grade stainless steel Kelly Kettle cooking set allows you to use the kettle as a portable cooker. It comes with:

  • small (0.45 litre) / large (0.85 litre) pot
  • Lid/pan
  • Grill pieces 
  • Gripper handle

The Kelly Kettle cooking set ensures you’re prepared for your adventure and allows you to boil water and cook food faster - so you needn’t worry about going hungry.

For more information about Kelly Kettle, feel free to get in touch with the team, here at Prepare For Adventure. We keep an eye out for the latest outdoor trends and pride ourselves on supplying high-quality, budget-friendly products to suit every need, so call us on 01744 325 025 today.