Fire Starting

If you’re looking for a fire making kit, look no further than Prepare For Adventure. We can help you to get a fire started in the toughest of conditions, whenever you need.

Here at Prepare For Adventure, we supply:

  • Waterproof matches/survival matches
  • Tinder paper
  • Ferro rod and steel striker
  • Hand forged flint and steel striker

and pride ourselves on keeping our prices competitive. Our fire making kits are manufactured to the highest quality and are budget-friendly to ensure you receive the very best value for your money.

Even with a fire making kit, use dry timber and gently blow underneath when the fire starts to smoulder. Add large, dry sticks and twigs to help with combustion and to prevent the fire from spreading further.

Flint and Steel Strikers

A flint and steel striker is known as a fire steel, flint striker, fire starter, steel or striker. Fires are built by hand, and the flint and steel striker is used to set them alight.

Finding the purest method for fire creation is easy with Prepare For Adventure. The fire and steel kit provides a simple solution for fire lighting and is used to start fires quickly and safely.

One of the key benefits of the fire and steel kit is that it’s reliable and versatile, meaning you can use it when the conditions are damp and windy.

The team here at Prepare For Adventure provide customers with the latest hiking and camping equipment on the market and is always on hand to help. So if you find yourself spoilt for choice or simply cannot decide which flint and steel striker you need, feel free to contact us on 01744 325 025, or email us at today.