Entrenching Tools

Mini picks and folding shovels

 A folding compact camping shovel will cost you in the range of £10 - £40 depending on the brand. They can be easily carried in your pack, strapped to outside of your rucksack or hung on your belt.

You may be thinking 'why do i need to take a shovel wild camping?'... This will become clear when your deep in the woods or in the middle of nowhere. You may need to dig a rain trench around your camp to direct puddles away from your tent or there might be a rock or two buried in the footprint of your tent.

Most commonly shovels are used for when nature calls! Abiding to a 'leave no trace' policy that many wild campers stick too, you can dig a hole and bury your business, make sure to dig about a foot down to ensure animals don't start to dig it up.