DD Hammocks

We have a huge range of DD Hammocks camping equipment. 

The DD Hammocks frontline hammock is the most popular hammock for bushcrafters and wild campers, the latest superlight frontline hammock is ideal for hiking and wild camping and if you need to travel as light as possible the DD superlight hammock would suit you best.

We have several different sized tarps available in 3 colours, the DD SuperLight 2.9x3m is a very popular tarp weighing in at less than half a kilo! The DD 3x3m tarp is an excellent versatile tarp that will cover a hammock or can be used as a quick shelter on the move. If your looking for a base camp shelter for a group then the DD 5x5m tarp offers a huge amount of cover. The DD 4x4 tarp is the most popular among hammockers, it offers more cover from the elements than the 3x3m and can be lowered to keep out wind.