Customised Hammock Packages

Complete camping hammock setups

We have designed various hammock setups in a range of colours and sizes. From a simple hammock and tarp to the the complete package including sleeping bag and hammock suspension kit

DD Frontline Hammock

The DD frontline hammock is the most versatile of hammocks and the most popular, weighing less than a kilo, available in 3 colours and featuring a built in mosquito net it's hard to beat this hammock and it's no wonder it's so popular amongst wild campers and bushcrafters worldwide. We highly recommend this lightweight hammock it's a backpackers dream and when used the DD whoopie suspension kit can be set up in less than a minute!

Backpacking Lightweight Hammocks

DD hammocks have a good range of superlight trekking hammocks for long distance hiking and wild camping, a popular choice for this sort of camping is the DD superlight hammock, this is an incredible lightweight and compact hammock that weighs less than half a kilo and fits in your hand when packed away! It comes in a range of colours and has the option of an added mosquito net, partner this upto the DD superlight tarp and you have a setup weighing less than a kilo! The DD superlight hammock also comes with the DD whoopie suspension kit for fast and easy pitching.

Complete packages

We have pieced together some complete hammock setups based on weather conditions and activity, planning on camping in winter? See our winter package, trekking a long distance? See our superlight package