Camping Tarps And Shelters

Make camping easier for yourself with a camping tarp shelter from Prepare For Adventure.

Our camping tarps are ideal for creating a wind shield, protecting a base camp or increasing living space. They can be pitched up quickly - providing shelter from the rain and sun and help you to stay dry and comfortable when outdoors.

Instead of zipping away the scenic views you trekked all day to find, like you would do in a tent, the camping tarp shelter allows you to sleep beneath the stars, waking up with nature all around you.

Why do you need a camping tarp?

Camping tarps are inexpensive and can stop the weather getting the better of music festivals and other outdoor activities too.

Pitching up a tent is never fun but a camping tarp will make it simpler. The tarp provides an ‘impromptu’ shelter for pitching, allowing you to get your camping equipment into your tent, without getting it wet.

When the ground is wet and muddy, why not pitch your tent on top of a camping tarp shelter? The tarp can act as an extra ground sheet, meaning that when you take your tent down, it should be dry and easy to put away.

Our camping tarps are great for providing somewhere to cook, eat and shelter - preventing the weather from spoiling your camping trip.

Our lightweight camping tarps

Here at Prepare For Adventure, we stock the lightweight camping tarp to suit the requirements of all campers, hikers, festival goers and more. Their lightweight makes them more convenient to carry.

The DD superlight tarp is only 0.5kg - a fraction of the weight of a normal tarp. It offers coverage for all hammocks and provides a portable shield for all weathers. The lightweight camping tarp is ready to take anywhere and can fit neatly inside your backpack, ensuring you’re always protected when you’re camping or hiking.

Need to know more about our lightweight camping tarp? The team at Prepare For Adventure is always on hand to help and will be more than willing to guide and advise you. So call us on 01744 325 025 or email us at, or check them out below.