Solo Stove Lite & Alcohol Burner
cooking with bio ethanol

Lightweight multi fuel camping stove

We have been using the Solo Stove Lite & Alcohol Burner for about 8 months now. The stove is very light weighing only 255g! It is 5.7 inches tall and 4.25 inches wide making it a great little backpacking multi fuel camping stove.

We have tested the stove at altitude cooking on bio ethanol using the Solo Stove alcohol burner which fits perfectly inside the stove itself. The bio ethanol performs well at altitude and doesn't get affected like a gas stove, it burns the same at 1000m than it does at sea level.


solo stove in cold conditions solo stove at altitude


Another question we get asked a lot about the alcohol burner is 'how does it perform in freezing conditions? My gas stove seems to struggle when it's cold!' So we took it out to the peak district on a cold January evening and camped for the night deep in a ravine on the valley floor. There was no change in the flame or boiling time, so we feel alcohol stoves out perform gas in many ways.

  1. Bio ethanol is much cheaper than gas
  2. Ethanol or meths don't get affected by altitude
  3. Performs better in freezing conditions
  4. Bio ethanol is natural, no nasty fumes, safe to use in a tent
  5. You won't end up with loads of half empty gas bottles!


cooking on a solo stove


The Solo Stove Lite is an excellent lightweight compact backpacking stove which can be used with various fuels, the hobo attachment is perfectly designed and sits just right for an alcohol burner to be used inside the stove, solid fuel blocks can also be used inside the stove. The stove was initially designed as a wood burner and it is an excellent wood burning stove with its clever design and double skinned walls that warm up air and oxygen before releasing it into the burning chamber which creates a hot contained smokeless fire.

All in all this is our go to camping stove, whether we're out in the woods practising bushcraft or trekking in the Scottish highlands. When we're out in the woods we like to use it as a wood burner, good preparation of tinder and fire wood will pay off in no time as the stove is running on free fuel! On colder days it's nice to have it burning away while your messing about with other stuff it burns slow and hot and can useful to give your hands a quick warm or build some embers up that you can transfer to your camp fire once you've prepared your fire lay and collected your wood.


solo stove lite being used in woodlands

Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Cooks for 1-2 people
  • Multi fuel
  • Low smoke
  • Quality stainless steel

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