Review of the DD Hammocks 3x3m Tarp

The DD Hammocks 3x3m tarp is about the most versatile tarp on the market at this time. The tarps have 19 reinforced fixing points meaning they can be set up in many different configurations and offer alternative uses such as a tarp tent seen below. You will need a DD walking pole or any branch that is long and straight enough to hold the tarp up.

DD Tarp set up as tentDD Tarp shelter using DD walking poles

 Weighing less than 800g and packing up small these waterproof tarps are great addition to any outdoor enthusiasts pack. They can be set up quickly to shelter you from rain, you may be covering a large distance on foot and are looking to downsize your pack and sleep under the tarp eliminating the weight of tent poles and pegs.

More commonly the DD tarps are used above hammocks and can be easily set up in different ways depending on weather and wind direction. You can run a ridgeline under the tarp if you like to hang lanterns or lights etc above your mosquito net on the hammock. A diamond configuration offers you a little more room under the tarp for cooking etc. Or you may run your ridgeline over the tarp and use prusik knots to fix it to the tarp.

Full hammock set up

The 3x3m tarps that we keep in stock come in a stuff sack and include 4 guy lines and 4 lightweight pegs, we recommend using DD amsteel for your ridgeline as it is much stronger than paracord, weighs less and is a lot thinner. We have a choice of 3 colours available, the most popular is Olive Green which gives you good camouflage in summer against all the leaves on trees and bushes. if you camp through winter you may prefer the Coyote Brown which will blend in with the dead of the winter as the trees and bushes die and lose the rich green colour and change to shades of orange and brown. the MultiCam is a good all rounder and is blends in with mixed woodland colours and disrupts the outline of your setup.

DD hammocks set up DD hammocks tarp set up as a basha shelter